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BenQ GP10 How can you enter to service menu?

Hello, everyone! My name is Dmitry, and today I want to show you how you can enter the service menu of the projector BenQ GP 10. 

And it's very simple. Just repeat after me. Take your remote control and press three times: up and down, and then confirm by pressing the OK button. 

And as you can see on my big screen, we were in the service menu. Now you have access to all possible changes to the settings of this unit, but it is especially important and useful is the point - the hardware reset. If you experience any problems, you can return the status of your projector to the factory by selecting this item. After this, all settings are reset and you get a completely clean the projector. 

I had some problems. The projector will not display the color. No built-in settings reset and available in the projector's menu did not give results. It was only after a hard reset all normal and no further complaints I have not encountered. 

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http://youtu.be/KyRwPc22ru4 - full review BenQ GP10 on russian

http://youtube.com/dinlog - other my YouTube site
http://youtube.com/dinlogvideoplus - main site on YouTube

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